Cozying Up Your Home With Candles


I have much for which to be grateful. It’s  not just the big things in life. It’s also the little things that we often take for granted in our busy lives. This month, I am sharing some of the things I am thankful for.

Today, I am going to talk about a smell for which I am grateful. There are so many smells that I love such as cookies baking in the oven and fresh flowers.

During this time of year, I love to burn candles. I feel that they add warmth on the colder days of autumn and winter. We have a fireplace in our home, but it’s in the family room in our lower level. We don’t get down there as often as we would like.

My favorite candle scents are the spice scents. Scents like vanilla and cinnamon are always my favorite. My current favorite is the candle scent, Harvest Spice, from Swan Creek Candle.

I only burn soy candles with lead-free wicks. Switching to soy candles is all part of the purging that I did when I was diagnosed with thyroid disease. I got rid of all the candles except for the soy candles that I use on a daily basis. I only use natural items in my home.


This candle sits on the desk in my studio office, and I burn it whenever I am in here. We also have one on our kitchen island that we burn, as well.


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