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During the month of November, I am writing about what I am grateful for. Today, I writing about the technology for which I am grateful.

Our society uses technology throughout the course of our day. I use my computer for work and personal use, talk, and text on my phone, and use my iPad to catch up on the news,  and blog feeds. Technology is a huge part of my day, and I am thankful for that.

However, I am most thankful to be able to set aside the technology and have some downtime. I think that it’s imperative to take the time to unplug for a portion of the day.

When I get home each day, I put my phone on the dresser in my closet. That sounds strange, I know. Leaving it there gives me the down time that I need without answering calls and texts. They will still be there when I check it several hours later.

I also do not check my computer or my iPad during that time. After dinner, I make one last check of phone calls, texts, and emails before I settle in for the night.

In place of using technology, I spend the time with my hubby and take the time to work on craft projects or reading a book. I found an online service to find new books to read on my e-reader. The service is called Bookbub.

You can sign up on their website. When you sign up, it asks you to check off the genres that you interest you. Once you do that, it gives you a list of books that are either free or marked down to $2.00 or $3.00. There are several free books that I have downloaded and samples of others that I will look at to decide if I want to download them or not.


A couple of the books that you see on my reading list are ones that I paid for and downloaded. Most of the books pictured are Bookbub recommendations. I also receive an email each day with new books that I might interest me.

Even though the technology in my daily life is appreciated, I also welcome the downtime that I get when I’m unplugged.

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