Color in My Home and a Free Printable


During the month of November, I am writing about what I am grateful for. Today, I’m talking about the color for which I am grateful.

There are very few colors that I don’t like. I am drawn to bright, vibrant colors. My home has a more neutral backdrop with both muted and colorful accents.

When I was little, one of my favorite books was Ann Likes Red. I would ask my parents to read it to me over and over again. The color red has been a favorite color of mine, even now.

As of late, I am also drawn to orange, shades of green, and shades of blue, especially turquoise. These are demonstrated through the decor that I use throughout my home. Colorful glass and pottery elements are some of my favorite. They make up a large part of the items that I use to decorate my home.



The pictures above were taken in my office studio. The items pictured are used throughout the year when I change out the decor for the seasons. Since I enjoy them so much, I don’t have the heart to put them away. They sit on a shelf until I take them down to use them.

As you can see, the wall in my studio office is a neutral color much like the rest of my home. I like to add fabrics and accents for the pops of color in my home.

With Thanksgiving coming up in exactly three weeks, I’ve included a Free Thanksgiving Planner. Enjoy!


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