Grateful, Thankful, and Blessed


During the month of November, I am taking some time to write about what I am grateful for in my life. My favorite holiday is the blog post topic for today.

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I enjoy the time with family and friends who gather around the table. Last year, I created place cards with a question on the back. There are many free place card options online. In between dinner and dessert, we went around the table and answered the questions with each person taking a turn answering each question. It was great fun. I am looking forward to our Thanksgiving this year.

In a previous post, I included a Christmas Gift Planner Printable. Today, I am including a Christmas Card Planner. I fill out my Christmas cards during Thanksgiving weekend. I am not one to brave the crowds and would rather shop online.  Instead, I use the weekend to prepare my home for the holiday season.

This year, I jump started my decorating. I’ve included some pictures from my office studio, kitchen, and living room. I’ve used the same decorating items for several years and change it up each year. I also add a new item to my Christmas collection each year. This year, I added the tray in the picture below. I have put candles on it, and the mirrored bottom reflects the light. You can purchase the tray here.


My nativity set is from Willow Tree. I have added to it throughout the last eleven years. My most recent addition is the angel in the back. It is a tree topper, but I thought that it would make a nice addition to the nativity set. You can purchase it here.







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