A Few of My Favorite Organizing Resources – Part 2


There are other organizing resources that are part of my organizing inspiration. I’m going to share the books with you that are my go-to resources. I am hopeful that you find some inspiration as you begin, or continue your organizing journey.

The first one is Organizing from the Inside Out by Julie Morgenstern. This was the first organizing book that I purchased…years ago. This book offers detailed insight on how to get and maintain organization throughout your home and your life.

The Easy Organizer by Marilyn Bohn gives helpful information about organizing each of the areas in your home. It gives instructions on how to sort through the things in your home and keep them organized.

Organize Now by Jennifer Ford Berry gives organizing plans that include checklists to help get the job done. This book relates to many aspects of your life to help get you organized.
The Home Organizing Workbook by Meryl Starr gives solutions to becoming organized. The book offers targeted approaches for specific areas in your home. One of my favorites, for sure!

The Personal Organizing Workbook is also written by Meryl Starr. This book gives ideas to help you manage your time, and put order into your life. It also offers suggestions to help you remain organized. Again, this book offers checklists that are helpful. Another one of my favorites!

The Organized Home is a book from the magazine Real Simple. The book offers practical advice in helping you to create an organized home. 

Organize Your Life is a Reader’s Digest book by Abigail Wilent. This book is one that I stumbled upon while I was out and about one day. This book gives ideas about organizing all of the personal data in your life. I have found it very useful, so all of the important information is at my fingertips.

I am hopeful that you find some inspiration from these organizing resources, as well.

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