A Tour of My Studio Office


I spend a great deal of my time in my studio office. It serves a dual purpose, and I have filled it with some of my favorite things. I spoke about my studio office and shared a few pictures in a previous blog post. I thought that I would give you a more detailed tour today.

My studio office used to be my son’s bedroom. When he changed rooms, my hubby and I debated what to do with the space. The room has a pocket door that leads to what used to be my other son’s room.

We live in a ranch style home. Since the rooms were down at the end of the master bedroom, we didn’t want to create a guest room. We have other rooms in the home that could serve that purpose.

Instead, we turned one bedroom into my studio office and created a doorway from the master into the other bedroom to create a walk-in closet or dressing room. The pocket door still exists but has a shelving tower in front of it on the closet side. We don’t use the pocket door, but someone could change that out in the future if they wanted to.

Storage areas

One aspect of my studio office that was important to me was having adequate storage. The room isn’t terribly large and having a place for everything and everything in its place was important to me.



Armoire storage


Closet storage


I love books. I can’t help it. There are three bookshelves in my studio office to help house my obsession. They also give me space to separate out my books by topics.


My desk

My desk was purchased about two years ago. Originally, I had my son’s old bedroom desk which was too heavy and bulky to move to his new room. I wanted a desk that had several of the same components of the original desk but was more my style.



My craft table

My craft table has seen a lot of paper and glue sticks. I do a lot of paper crafting but will also attempt anything that appeals to me. Pinterest is a great source of crafting inspiration to me like it is for so many others.



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