A Working File and How I Utilize It


A working file is one thing that I utilize for keeping my inbox up to date. If an email has been taken care of, it goes into one of the multiple folders that I need to access later. My inbox then becomes a working file. Anything in my inbox is something that needs immediate attention, and it doesn’t leave my inbox until I have taken care of it. My goal is to empty my inbox or complete my to-do list, so to speak.

I also keep a working file on my computer. I have one on my personal computer and one on my work computer. These  files contain items that I am currently working on or need to access frequently over a course of time. I have found that these are indispensable to keeping my computer desktop clean and keeps me from having to search for items that I need.

I also have a working file in a folder that I keep next to the calendar on my desk. It has all of the paperwork that I need to take care of that isn’t digital. As much as I would like to, not everything in my world is digital. I still like having a paper calendar and to-do list. I’ve attempted going digital in these realms but I always revert back to what I’ve used for so long. Keeping everything in a working file is a good way to keep things organized and streamlined looking. There is also a working file in my planning calendar at school. Using these help me to keep on top of things. It is not a long term storage solution. My goal is to empty my working file as quickly as possible. It serves as a visual to-do list without the list.

When are you going to incorporate a working file into your paper filled or paperless life? Get started with one or several. You’ll be glad you did.

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