Autumn and Organizing at Home

TwitterAutumn is my favorite time of year. There is something about the cool air, the changing landscape with vibrant colors, the smell of burning leaves, and the extra layers of fall clothing.

Organizing my teaching life at home involves changing out the decor for each season. It is something that I enjoy doing. I rework areas in our kitchen, living room, bedroom, and my studio office.

I also got my craft on recently. We have several older pieces in need of a refresh. The first to get a makeover was a small cabinet that now serves as my nightstand. This was my first attempt at using chalk paint and wax. The paint is a robin’s egg blue, and a clear wax was used. We needed to replace a piece of wood on the top of the cabinet and rework the left door. We removed the old hardware and replaced it with a knob and drawer pulls that are a rubbed bronze finish. The color is darker in the second photo due to the lighting. Either way, I am in love.



My next project was a square table that we are using as a coffee table in our living room. I used a chalk paint called Ivory Tower and again used a clear wax. We cut the legs down as they were too short to use it as a regular table but too long to use as a coffee table. Again, I am in love. Breathing new life into old furniture pieces is fun and rewarding.



The next project is a Hoosier cabinet. It is painted light green and tan. It will be a much larger undertaking, but I’m excited to see the end result.

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