Business Cards and How I Utilize Them

As a teacher, do you use business cards?
I thought more seriously about the idea when my hubby and I were at the vet with our dogs. He grabbed the vet’s business card and put it in his wallet.

It is such an easy idea to have all of your contact information available. Professionals use business cards to hand out to other professionals and contacts. Teachers as professionals don’t hand out business cards to parents, guardians or other professional contacts. Why not?

One of the things that I have done to organize my teaching life is to create business cards. I use MS Word to create them and print them out on card stock specifically made for business cards. I hand them out, at the beginning of the year, at our school open house. I include my name, subjects I teach, the school name, address and phone number. I also include my email, Gmail, and my class website.

All of this information makes it easily accessible for the parent or guardian if they have a reason to contact me. As a rule, I return emails and phone calls the same business day, and no longer than 24 hours later. I want my parents and guardians to know that I am easily accessible for any questions and concerns that they may have.

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