An Update and Public Speaking


Just an update about what I’ve been up to lately. About eight weeks ago, I had the honor of presenting at the I am a Teacher Expo at Michigan State University. I was able to attend the Expo for the day. The keynote speaker was Rick Joseph, the 2015-2016 Michigan Teacher of the Year. After the keynote, we were able to choose four different breakout sessions. I was able to learn some new teaching methods that I took back and incorporated into my classroom routine. I will share more about them later.
I never imagined myself as a public speaker. As I’ve continued with my teaching career, opportunities have arisen to present to colleagues, peers, and new teachers. It is something that I enjoy doing immensely. It is always neat to meet up with others in the field and share ideas. To date, I have presented at district PD and MACUL.

My presentation included tips, tricks, and technology that I use in my classroom. I added a Technology Resources tab to my main page, and you can access the information here. I also updated my blog with a Meet the Teacher page.

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