Creating a Craft Space You Love

I enjoy crafting, and I’m thankful that I have a dedicated space to do it.

My first craft space was a tote bag. I then occupied a spot, in part of the closet, in our home office. I had a few storage cubes and a rolling cart to keep my things organized.

My studio office used to be my son’s bedroom. I have spent the last five years making it my own.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have an entire room as a dedicated crafting space. I had to wait until my kids were grown to move my space into an actual room.

Creating your craft space is a personal journey. Here are some ideas to help get you started.

Make it your own

My studio office serves a dual purpose. It is a crafting space but also acts as a personal office space for me.

My craft space is a reflection of who I am. Unlike the main rooms of our home, I add things to my crafting space that are fun and funky. Color and patterns play a considerable role in this area.

Over the last few years, I have added furniture, light fixtures, and decor. These items are things that I love and plan on using for years to come.

Even when my crafting space occupied only a part of a closet, I added things to make it my own. I would post things on the wall behind my storage unit and add framed items or decor on top of it.

Display items that you make

Since your craft space should be a reflection of you, put some of the things that you create on display. I display the printables that I create each month and a magnetic board that I created a few years ago. When someone asks me what I make, I can show them.

Don’t buy all the things

There are so many beautiful things out there, and it is easy to buy all the things when you are first putting together your craft space. I made this mistake by purchasing a couple of things that I ended up moving to other rooms in our home. You need to find what inspires you and think about what you want the result to look like. I got much of my inspiration on Pinterest.

Be patient

It takes some time to put together a finished space. My craft space started out with what was in the closet space, and a rug I purchased.

I borrowed quite a few pieces from other rooms in our home. Bookshelves came from our closet. A storage armoire used to hold towels and sheets.

Eventually, I was able to add a crafting table and a tall rolling cart for storage.  I found a desk that I liked last year and was able to exchange it for my son’s old desk that I was using. Decorative items and wall hangings finish off my space, although I change them out frequently.

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