Friday Favorites – 1.13.17

Happy Friday! These are the items or ideas that I found interesting or inspiring during the week.

  1. I continue to work on my planners. Each week is a new opportunity to make my planners pretty. So much fun! I have saved some inspiration on my Pinterest board for the Happy Planner. Since these are my personal planners, I have removed some personal information from the pictures.

2. I saw several ideas for this online and added different sizes of sticky notes to my planner dashboard. This way, I don’t have to worry about needing them if I’m not at home to access my stash. I attached the sticky notes to the dashboard with double-sided tape and added my word of 2017 to the bottom.

3. I received a beautiful, floral arrangement just before Christmas. I didn’t have the heart to put the container away just yet. If you’ve read my blog for any period, you know my love for candles. I added a candle so I could enjoy it for a little while longer before I put it away until Christmas this year.

Until next time,

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