Friday Favorites – 1.27.17 and a Free Printable

Happy Friday! These are the items or ideas that I found interesting or inspiring during the week.

Organizing is a popular topic during January. It’s not a do it once job, and it’s done. I work throughout the year to keep my spaces organized. This usually involves purging items that we no longer use and reorganizing a space to serve our current needs better.

Organizing Printable

To accomplish my organizing plans this year, I created a printable that I can write, and keep track of my organizing goals. This will help me to have an overall visual of what we need to accomplish this year. You can access a copy of the printable

To fit the printable into my classic Happy Planner, I changed the printing scale to 86%. You can access a copy of the printable here.

planner stamps

I’ve also been having fun trying out the Happy Planner roller stamps, and the clear planner stamps in my planner.  It is certainly addicting, and I like using them in addition to the stickers.

Mini Dashboard

I ordered some dashboards for my mini Happy Planner. I added page flags to one of them so I have them on hand when I need them.

I had previously done this with my classic Happy Planner by adding sticky notes to my dashboard.

Until next time,

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