Gift Giving and a Free Printable

TwitterIt’s hard to believe that Christmas is a little over two weeks away.  For many of us, there is still much planning, shopping, and wrapping to do.

Our decorating is done with the exception of our tree. My husband loves having a real tree each year, so we continue that tradition. We purchase and decorate our tree a week before Christmas and take it down after New Years. We plan on purchasing and decorating one next weekend.

GifT giving

I am thankful to be done with our shopping for this year. I blogged about the ornaments that we purchase here as part of a family tradition. Due to personal circumstances, I did all of our Christmas shopping online.

Wrapping gifts is something that I enjoy doing. When I was growing up, I always wanted to be one the gift wrappers at the department stores. There was a local department store in my town, and they would have tables with two or three different types of wrapping paper to choose from. I loved watching them wrap each gift and top it with a colorful bow. Perfection.

I’ve created some gift tags for you to use to label your gifts. You can print them off, cut them out, and use a hole punch to put a hole in the top. I use twine or string to attach them to our gifts. I like the simple touch that it adds to the gift.


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