Introducing Motivational Mondays – Plastic Bag Storage

I am introducing a new series to begin each week called Motivational Mondays. I’m going to highlight quick and easy tasks that you can complete, making your world more organized.

This week’s task is one that I saw on social media recently. It’s one of those, “Why didn’t I know this before?” type of things.

The picture below is the plastic bags that we have acquired. They filled a beverage tub that got so full we started stuffing the bags into other plastic bags. The pile of bags occupied a space on the floor of our pantry. Not exactly organized.

I took each bag out of the container and removed the bags that had holes. I laid each bag out flat on a table and folded it in half. Once I was finished, I had several small piles. I made stacks like this for each container that I filled.

Then, I started rolling a folded bag from the bottom end. Once I had rolled it about halfway, I added another folded bag to the top of it and continued rolling the bags together. I did this until I had about ten bags in my stack.

Once my roll was complete, I pulled the end of the bag in the middle out a little bit and put the roll into the tissue container. I talked about repurposing used tissue containers in a previous blog post.

When I pull a bag out, the next bag pops out so I can easily access it the next time I need one. It’s so much better than sorting through a bin of bags, and it looks neat and organized.

It took me about an hour to go through the entire pile of bags that I had. I watched a couple of episodes of a program that I had on my watch list.

Once I was finished, I had seven tissue containers with ten bags in each, and an old wipes container that held twenty bags. That’s 90 bags total!

I’ve found that if something isn’t easily accessible, I won’t use it. I’ve added these containers to our pantry, under our sinks in the kitchen and bathrooms, and in our car. I’m looking forward to using them more frequently and excited that I gained more real estate in our pantry.

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