Lesson Planning Just Got Easier


Lesson planning was something that I did religiously on the lesson planning pages in my class binder. It worked great until something planned needed to be postponed or changed. Hello, correction tape. Lots and lots of correction tape. That stuff isn’t cheap.

Online alternatives

As I was planning out the first few weeks of school, I decided to look for online lesson planning programs. There are several out there, and they all have their good points. I finally decided on the Google App, Common Curriculum. There is a basic version that allows you to plan for each day/week/month. It also allows you to include standards for each lesson that you teach.

I opted to pay for the pro version as I wanted to be able to incorporate the information on my class website without the need for a separate calendar. This way, I can share as little or as much information as I like. I can also include the links to the assignments so students/parents can print them off. In past years, I had always posted my agenda and printables separately. Using this online program saves me time as all of this is done in one place while I’m planning my lessons.


Another feature of the pro version is being able to track the standard that you are teaching. I had always done this on several sheets of paper by adding each date that I covered the standards. Common Curriculum gives me a comprehensive overview of what standards I’ve covered without the extra paperwork.

Template choices

There are several lesson plan set-ups that you can use. I chose the minimal lesson plan that allows me to include the standards, agenda, and notes. The basic template allows you also to add materials needed, homework, and accommodations. There are additional templates that include exploring and extending the concept and Bloom’s Taxonomy, independent practice, and assessments.


I’m looking forward to adding this to organizing my teaching life. Anything that saves me time is a win in my book. Hopefully, you’ve found your lesson planning happy place, as well.

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