Life and My Studio Office

Life has been a roller coaster. With Hashimoto’s, some days are filled with energy, and on other days, it is difficult not to sleep the day away. Our eating habits have changed. The picture below shows what most of our grocery trips look like now. My hubby has been a huge support system through all of this. He spends a lot of time looking for things that I can eat or looking for recipes that he can make. Having a support system is HUGE! Unfortunately, many people that deal with auto-immune disease don’t have a support system which makes living with it that much more difficult.
I wanted to give you a quick peek at my craft room. It certainly did not start out this way and is in a constant state of flux. This room was originally my son’s bedroom. My crafting space originally existed in a closet. If I wanted to work on something, I would pull everything out, and set up at the kitchen table. That was not an ideal situation. After a few changes in room assignments, we (with my hubby’s blessing) decided to turn this into my craft room. It is a space where I can relax, and work on whatever inspires me. I am hopeful that you find something that inspires you, as well.
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