Living With a Chronic Illness


A Diagnosis

Exactly two years ago, I started my journey to become diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. I wrote about my diagnosis in a previous blog post.  The diagnosis was a relief but did not come as a surprise. I had spoken with several people who also had this chronic disease including one of my sisters. Before I was diagnosed, I did a great deal of research; much of which was online. I came across a blog post of 300 symptoms of this chronic disease. When I went through the list, I had almost 150 of the symptoms.


Enter my functional doctor…

When I first visited my functional doctor, I was put on an elimination diet. During that process, I found several foods that I had an intolerance to and several others that I was allergic to, as well. This limited my dietary options, but I’ve since found a way to expand my food options with a lot of support from my hubby.

The basis of my diet is REAL food. I am on an AIP (autoimmune protocol) and Paleo diet. I don’t eat anything out of a box, can, or processed food. My basic diet consists of a lot of fruit and vegetables. My main meat staples are chicken and fish. My husband and I have also searched and found recipes that have things that I can eat. We make tortillas that I use as a bread substitute. You can find some of the recipes that I have saved on a Pinterest page for recipes. Not all of the recipes on the page are part of my diet. I do have young adults at home that eat differently than me.

One other thing that is imperative are the products that I use on myself and in my home. So many of the products that we use contain chemicals that impact our body. I make a lot of the products that we use as well as buying natural products and essential oils. I have several items that you can make saved to another Pinterest page for homemade products.

Most people have been extremely supportive during this time. In my next blog post, I will explain what I’ve learned during this time and what you can do to help support someone that is dealing with a chronic illness.

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