My Favorite Studio Office Supplies


Office supplies are my downfall. In the office supply world, there are so many different products that we can buy. I also love all of the patterns on the paper products. It’s hard not to run out and buy all of the pretty things.

I do have some favorite office supplies that I use on a regular basis. Some of them have serviced me for years.


I have two different types of pens that I love at the moment. One is the Sharpie fine point pen. The other is the Paper Mate Flair. I buy the pens in the 12 count boxes, so I have them on hand when one runs out.


The stapler that I use is the Paperpro. I’ve used this stapler for quite a few years and it doesn’t disappoint. I have both the large and smaller sizes.

paper trimmer

I have more than one paper trimmer. The one that I use the most frequently is a Fiskars 12-inch trimmer. I’ve had this particular trimmer for quite a few years, as well. This trimmer has a thin wire that helps me to see where I’m cutting rather than having to guesstimate.


The laminator that I use is a new addition to my studio office. I bought a 9-inch Swingline laminator and I’ve been very pleased with how well it works

Of course, I cannot talk about my favorite office supplies without mentioning my Happy Planner. I list of posts that talk about my planner can be found here. I believe that I may have finally found planner peace.

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