My Favorite Teaching Websites


In addition to the organizing websites that I regularly read, I also have several education websites that I follow on a regular basis. Today, I am going to share a handful of those websites with you.

An Ethical Island offers infographics for all grade levels of education whether a veteran teacher or just starting out. The infographics have a wide range of topics. Very cool for a visual learner or teacher. The website is located here.

Common Sense Graphite – Common Core Explorer gives the websites and apps that are available for each of the Common Core Standards. This website is a good source if you’re looking for something to supplement the standard that you are covering. The website can be found here.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning is a website that focuses on all aspects of technology in the classroom. This website introduces websites, apps, and information helpful to maintaining a 21st-century classroom. You can find the website here.

The Teacher’s Lounge has a wide variety of resources, articles, and ideas that range from preschool through high school in all areas of the curriculum. Check it out here.

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