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My binder is one thing that I cannot do without. The binder keeps everything that I may need on a daily basis, in one, easy to access place. Many of these items are kept in top loading sheet protectors. It helps to protect them for use in the months, and years to come.

The binder is divided into five different sections. The categories of these sections are information, calendar, seating charts, communication, and evaluation. Within each category, are all the essentials that I need to make my job easier, in that particular area.

Information Section – In this section, I keep the information that is needed for work each day. It includes daily, and half-day time schedules for school. There is also additional information, given by the school, that is needed from time to time. All of these items are placed in top loading sheet covers. 

Web sites that I use frequently, often have user names, and passwords that are needed. These are also kept in this section. To keep these organized, I use plain business cards that contain the name of the website, the username, and password. They are stored in a page of see through pockets. It makes it very accessible, and they are all in one place.

Calendar section – Instead of a store-bought calendar, I created my own. In this way, I was able to include what I wanted, instead of having space that went unused. 

The calendar includes two sides. The left side is the calendar itself to record meetings, and important information. The right side is a quick overview of the lesson plans for the week. The calendar that I created also includes spaces for people to contact, things to do and any notes that are needed. 

Seating Charts section – This section serves a dual purpose. Not only does it keep the seating charts for each hour, as the title suggests; it also keeps the grade sheets for each hour, as well. This is used, as opposed to a traditional grade book. This system is one that I have used for several years, and it works well for me. 

Communication section – One of the things that I make sure I keep track of is the communication that I have with parents. This gives me a quick reminder of what we discussed previously regarding their child. It also has a spot for additional follow-up that may have occurred. 

Evaluation – This section keeps all of the records that relate to my yearly evaluation. Within it, I have copies of classroom visitations and a record of my professional development. Whenever I need something, about my evaluation, it is all in one place. 

I also keep a file folder, in the front of the binder, for items that need immediate attention. The categories that I chose are some that work for me. Other sections could be included. My goal was to have a  binder that included all of the things that I used daily. Something else that I wanted to do was infuse color, and pattern within the binder. Things like colored paper page dividers and washi tape borders did the trick in making this binder colorful, and enjoyable to use.

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