My Lantern Obsession

I’ve never met a lantern that I didn’t like. I use lanterns in my everyday decor. Initially, I used candles in all of them. I talked about my love for candles here and here. Since then, I have found other items to use in the lanterns. There are so many creative ideas of items to use in your lanterns.

One of my favorite lanterns in our home is a teal blue color. I have several hand-blown glass balls that I have collected. Two of them were created by my boys, when they were younger, when we visited a glass-blowing shop. The owner let them participate and blow their own. Very cool. I added the glass balls to the lantern and asked my hubby to drill a hole in the bottom of the lantern so that I could add some lights. I love the soft glow that they add to the glass balls.

Other lanterns, in our home, have a filler that I added to them. I find bags or boxes of filler at Homegoods, T.J. Maxx, and Pier 1.

Some of my lanterns do have candles inside of them. I used frosted candle holders to fill the lantern with more than just a votive candle.

Other ideas for Filler

I also use filler in other decorative bowls and vases throughout the house.


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