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My school bag goes back, and forth with me every day. Inside of it, I keep everyday essentials that will service me at home, and at school. One of the things that help to keep me organized is smaller bags within my school bag. All of the things I use each day are tucked into it. I have my laptop, iPad, and two smaller bags that hold my technology needs, and office essentials.

The first bag holds all of my technology needs. The cords for my devices, wireless mouse to use with my laptop, and a presentation clicker that I use when I am teaching. Other than the clicker, these items are essential at both home, and school.

The bag itself is a cosmetic bag that was on clearance at Target. I wanted something that was sturdy, and not quite as plain as the technology storage that is in stores. Since it is a cosmetic bag, it is easy to clean.

All of the items fit in the neatly, and it stores inside of my school bag. This prevents me from forgetting a charger that I need, or from having to search for them in the bottom of my school bag

The second smaller bag that I keep in my school bag is one for my office essentials. I once again went with a cosmetic bag, on clearance, from Target. Items that are kept in it are the ones that I use on a regular basis. It is also extremely helpful to grab and go if there is a PD session, training, or a conference that I am attending.

The inside of the bag has two separate, clear pockets. In one of the pockets are the pens, pencils, and highlighters that I use. Typically, I purchase a larger multipack of pens with different colors.
Inside of the second pocket, I have a calculator, page flags, post-it notes, correction tape, and a glue stick.
Inside of the silver container, I have page flags. They are paper, and the container keeps them from getting ruined or separated. The container is a business card container. The page flags fit in it perfectly.
The bags help keep me organized within my larger school bag. It keeps me from having to dig, or search for things. I know exactly where they are located, and can retrieve them in a matter of seconds. School and office supplies can be a definite weakness of mine. It’s great to have a way to keep them until they are ready to be used.
Once all of the bags are placed back into my school bag, I have a small bag of personal items that I place on top. I can also slide a file of papers to grade, or other documents that I need next to my laptop. It all fits neatly and makes organizing my teacher life that much easier.
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