Organizing My Desktop and Inbox


Being organized is something that I spend time on each day. My personal space remains relatively organized, but sometimes I will move things around for a different perspective. In addition to keeping my personal space organized, I also like to keep my computer desktop, and inbox organized, as well.

I am a Mac user at home, and primarily use a Mac laptop at school.  Anything that I am currently working on is placed in an Immediate Attention folder that lives in my downloads folder. All of the other items that I use on a regular basis are placed in folders in my documents folder. I do not put any folders or documents work desktop.

Some of the folders that I have are blog, home, organizing, personal, and work to name a few. I also have a folder for each of my children so all of their saved items can go into one easy to access spot.

Within each folder, there are other folders that are used to separate the items within it. It is a couple of extra steps to get to the file that I want, but it allows me to keep my computer desktop clean.
There are several email accounts that I utilize. There are two for home, two for my professional life, and one for my blog. Within each email account, I have created folders to hold the emails that will need to be accessed in the future. The items that remain on the desktop are items that need immediate attention. Once they are taken care of, they are moved to a folder, or deleted.
Another piece that has allowed me to keep my inbox clean is Unroll.Me is a program that is online. It allows you to manage your inbox by delivering the emails that you want to receive in your inbox.
You are also able to unsubscribe to emails that you don’t want to receive, and receive the remaining emails, in one email, once a day. I am then able to look at the email and click on the ones that I want to read.
There are emails that will come through from time to time. When this happens, I can choose to keep it in my inbox, unsubscribe, or roll it up.
It is so much nicer to receive one email, rather than 30 – 40 emails in my inbox. It also allows me to keep my inbox cleaner, and less cluttered. This is just another way to keep my life organized.
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