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So, my last post was about my updated planner. You would think that I would have solved my planner problems by now, right? Many times, I need to work with something for a while before I finally settle on it. The problem starts with my planner obsession. I will see a planner I like, and use it for a little while. Then, I see another one that I like, and the cycle continues. I have a drawer that is my planner graveyard. All the planners that I had used before end up there. I’m not sure why I am so indecisive about what planner to use. I do know, however, that I need a paper planner to write in, not a digital one.

I am not sure why it is so difficult for me to settle on something. I used a larger planner for a while. I liked the size when I was stationary, but it seemed too bulky to carry around with me. I have still opted to stick with my smaller planner, AND I have still opted to keep both my personal and my school calendar together in one place. This change has made life so much easier for me! I am not going between 2-3 planners to look for appointments or information.

So, I kept the planner that I showed you previously. I liked the size, and it worked for me. I still have tabs for my plans, and my blog. The piece that was bothering me was the calendar. It bothered me when I was attempting to make several appointments at one time. I felt like it took forever to go through each day, and find the dates that I was trying to find. I decided that I wanted to use a weekly calendar instead. I looked online to find one that I liked with no luck. When you can’t find something you want, you create it instead, right?
I created a template that has a side for my personal life and a side for my school life. For my personal planner, on the left, I opted to use a weekly calendar. I also included a to-do list, and a spot for gratitude each week. For my school calendar, I have the left side for meetings, and the right side is for lesson plans. I have also included a to-do list on the school side. This planner has well worked for me. It has all of the things that I want in a planner but is a weekly version, not a daily version. Score!
If you are interested, you can download the updated planner version that you see below here. Happy planning!
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