Our Favorite Tradition


Blending our families

When my hubby and I got married, we blended our families. Our four kids are five years apart in age, and we wanted to make the transition as easy as possible. This transition included buying a house that allowed each of our kids to have their own space. We made sure that the biological parent handled any difficult conversations and consequences. We also embraced any routines or traditions that each family had. Especially, eating a piece of cake in a bowl, with milk.

Another thing that we did was to combine all of our family recipes into a recipe book. Our kids found favorites that were known only by the other family before we were married. Many of my favorite family memories were made when we sat down at the dinner table. We did this as often as possible. Even with our varied diets, we still make some of the recipes when we have family get-togethers. We’ve also been able to change some of them to accommodate our eating needs.


Creating a Tradition

We wanted to come up with our own holiday tradition. What we chose isn’t all that unique, but it is special to our family. Each Christmas Eve, our kids received an ornament that highlighted an experience they had in the past year.

Now that our kids are grown, we continue to purchase ornaments each year.  If we don’t see our kids on Christmas Eve, it is the first gift that they open when we do our gift exchange. My hubby and I also purchase an ornament to add to our tree that signifies something important in the year that we’ve had. Since my hubby’s daughter got married this year, I purchased an ornament to signify the special event. I caved and gave it to him early. It’s hard for me to keep surprises from him. He is the same way with gifts, so it works out.

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