Planning Ahead for the New School Year


The school year is newly finished, and I am already planning ahead for the next one. I would like to admit that I get done with school and go into vacation mode immediately. Although I do take the time to unwind, I know that I am not alone in spending part of my summer planning for the next school year. I have several ideas that I would like to incorporate in my classroom for the next school year. Here are a few of them.

1. Anchor Charts – I used these toward the end of the school year, so students had a visual reminder of the topics that we had covered. I plan on using these regularly in my classroom this year. I also found an idea to take pictures of the anchor charts and put the pictures in a binder so students can always have access to them. My inspiration comes from my Pinterest page, here.

2. Student Friendly Syllabus – I’ve wanted to incorporate a more visually appealing syllabus for some time now. In planning ahead, I created this one in



3. I also created the Be Kind, Work Hard print in You can download it and use it as a print or a screen saver. This will be our classroom motto this year.

Be Kind:Work Hard
Here’s hoping that your summer break is off to a great start.

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