Planning Out My Week in My Planner

Planning for the next week, in my planner, begins the week before. It’s daunting when you have an empty page staring up at you. This is how I get started.

The first thing that I determine is the colors that I will be using in my layout. I talked about that here. I decided to use yellow, green and blue for the week.

Future appointments are kept track of in my planner by using a sticky note. When I plan, I swap out the sticky note with a color coordinated sticker.

I also add a weekend sticker and smaller stickers for phone calls, emails, and deliveries that I am expecting.

I then add a hydrate sticker, for the week so that I can keep track of my water consumption. Other fun stickers are added to the pages that match the colors that I am using for the week.

I like to add a to-do sticker at the beginning of the week, and often add the same things to it such as cleaning and laundry. It makes me feel accomplished when I check the items off after they are completed.

The stickers that I use are part of the Happy Planner sticker packs or were purchased on Etsy.

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