Pretty Organizational Storage

I am always searching for pretty organizational storage. Items don’t need to be stored in what’s expected. You can use pretty, functional items instead.

Before organizational storage became a mainstream obsession, I was looking for ways to organize myself and my growing family. At that time, there weren’t a lot of storage options that were also pretty to look at.

Clear office desk trays

At that time, one of my favorite storage options is one that I still use today. I bought clear office desk trays that would go inside of a desk drawer to organize pens, paperclips, and rubber bands. I liked that you could see through them to the drawer liner below. It added functionality to the drawer along with the liner adding a pop of design and color.

Office supplies being used to organize items in a bathroom? Not exactly what’s expected, but it worked for me. They still work well, and I use them in three of my bathroom drawers to keep my nail items, makeup, and hair items organized.


Other storage ideas

Fabric covered boxes –

Pretty organizing doesn’t just need to be where it can always be seen. I started purchasing fabric covered, divided boxes several years ago at TJ Maxx and Homegoods to add a pop of pretty when I open a drawer. They organize everything from ribbon to odds and ends.





I’m  sure that they would be fairly easy to make, but I haven’t taken that plunge yet. When I do, you’ll be the first to know when I blog about it.

File boxes –

File boxes do not always have to be used for their intended purpose. I have several file boxes that I’ve repurposed to serve other needs.

One idea is to go vertical. A clear file box is used in my desk shelving area to store my address book, birthday book, and notebooks that I use frequently. The colors in the notebooks make it visually appealing. You could use a patterned filing box, as well.


I also recovered a white file box, that I purchased at Target, with fabric. I used different fabrics with complementary colors on the top and the bottom. The fabric gives it more visual appeal and makes for great storage from my scrapbooking letters and stickers.


Boxes, bins, and baskets –

I am always looking for a place to use boxes, bins, and baskets while organizing. I use boxes to store smaller books and notebooks and bins to do the same in my cupboard or closet.



A gift box bin that I purchased at World Market was used to store my Silhouette items. I removed the ribbon and slid it onto the shelf underneath my Silhouette. It fits perfectly and keeps the items contained and within easy reach.


I store my washi tape in a tiered storage box. To add some pretty to it, I cut scrapbook paper to match the size of the box and cut it to the depth of each bin. It created a seamless look that hides all of the tape rolls.



In my studio office, I use a silverware caddy as a place to store pens, pencils, and highlighters that I use on a regular basis. I also use a canister to store markers that I use. It adds more visual interest than a typical storage container.


In our master bathroom, I use a jar candle holder to store my face creams and essential oils on my bathroom counter. It is deep enough to keep them contained, and I like the design on the container.


I use a clear nail polish holder to store my essential oil bottles. I added a small slip of paper to the front to add a pop of color.


Storage tower  –

My office studio was a craft closet. I had a few storage cubes and a scrapbooking storage tower. When I created my office studio, I repurposed the storage tower into a jewelry storage piece. It has wheels on the bottom and is easy to move around.


I also use three, small coat racks that hold my bulkier necklaces and bracelets where they are easy to see and access.

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