Happy Summer and a Free Printable

Summer is upon us. My classroom is packed up after another school year. I like to make sure that I am organized while packing up my classroom. I am not one to throw things in drawers and boxes. All that does is add stress when I am trying to get my classroom open the next school year.
One of my favorite things to do during the summer is to get up early just like I do when going to work. The difference is that this is a time for relaxation and reflection for me. I love to watch and listen to the world wake up.
Like most of us, I plan for the next school year during the summer months. This is coupled with anything else that I would like to accomplish at home. My summer to-do list includes deep cleaning, making homemade products, and a couple other things that I put off until I have more time. I choose one task that I want to accomplish and devote my time and energy to complete it. I don’t put pressure on myself to do things. I do, however, have a list that I keep so I can complete everything before the next school year begins.
One of the things that I have also been doing is pinning ideas to my Pinterest boards. Check them out here and see if there is anything that interests you.
One more thing that I have done is to update my lesson plan sheet for the new school can purchase, download, and print it out. The empty boxes on the top are for the name of each class that you teach. You can add the month and day, and use the boxes at the bottom for whatever you choose. I normally have a “To Do” box and a “Contact” box. I put the paper in my printer a second time to print on the back, as well. You can purchase, download, and print it out. Check out my printables, on Teachers Pay Teachers, here.
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