My School Bag Revisited

TwitterMy first blog post was about my school bag. It was one of my most popular posts, and I thought that I would revisit it. Since my initial post, I still use the same rolling backpack from Sherpani. It has served me well for over the last three years. Unfortunately, they don’t make the rolling backpack any longer.

I can set my lunch bag on top of my bag while I am walking in and out of school. My purse rides on my shoulder. I certainly do not miss the weight of an extra bag on my shoulder. With today’s technology, our bags can get heavy so quickly.

The very front pocket of my school bag holds my work keys. I am all about putting things in the same spot when I am done using them. It saves having to search for them later.

In the first pocket, I have an extra tote. It was a freebie from Vera Bradley when I ordered a certain amount. I don’t use it all that often but I know it’s there if I need it.


Inside of the second pocket, I keep a file holder. I put any papers or files that I’m working on so they are organized and easy to access.


I also have two smaller bags inside of the second pocket. The first is a Vera Bradley brush and pencil case. In it,  I keep multi-colored Sharpie Pens. I am always looking for a deal. There was a coupon for a percentage off and a cash discount from my teacher rewards. Score!


Another bag contains other pens, pencils, and highlighters as well as other items.


One of the pockets has post-it notes, page flags, and white out tape. I keep the page flags in a business card case. They stay intact and in one place this way.


The second pocket in the case holds cords, a small mouse, and a calculator. Everything in one place is a win-win.


One more item that I keep inside of the second pocket of the school bag is an umbrella in case of a rain emergency.


Everything is tucked in, and the bag is lightweight and easy to use. If I need to bring my work laptop home, there is plenty of room in my school bag for it and the charger.


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