Searching My Family History


Tracking my genealogy

I have always been intrigued with my family history. Where do I come from? Where did my ancestors live? One of my hobbies is to research my family history. I am so interested to see my family’s story come to life. In my research, I discover pictures, birth, wedding, and death notices, newspaper articles, and of course, censuses.

My dream, someday, is to visit the places where my ancestors lived. One of my paternal great-grandmothers was born and lived in a town that only ten minutes from our home. It’s amazing to me that we have settled in an area that is so close to where she, her parents, and her siblings lived.

23 and Me

I read an interesting article not too long ago about the distribution of DNA among siblings. In wanting to discover my background further, I ordered the 23 and Me DNA and health test kit. I chose the 23 and Me over the Ancestry DNA kit because I wanted the health report, as well.

I followed the directions that were enclosed with my order and then logged into the website and filled out the questionnaires that were part of the registration process. One of them related to what I believed my ethnic background was. The other questionnaire related to what I knew about my health issues. It also asked about auto-immune issues including Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

My results

My ancestry results were as follows.

Based on my genealogy research, I knew that my genetic makeup was European. The one that surprised me was the 4.1% Scandinavian background. I do have a great grandmother that came from Denmark, but there has got to be more to that equation. Definitely fascinating.

One of my sons was so interested in this that he asked for his own kit for Christmas. I am excited to see what his results show.

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