Simplifying My Social Media Feeds

Social media is something that I, like so many, use daily. The sites that I use most frequently both personally and for this blog are Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

I’ve been disappointed in my feeds for Facebook and Instagram lately. Much of it has to do with my changing tastes, or I would like a page to remember it later. Many of the pages that I liked, I haven’t looked at since.  I finally made the decision to simplify my social media feeds.

In looking at both my Facebook and Instagram accounts, I noticed that I had followed over 400 people/groups on each account. Wow! It’s no wonder I was so disenchanted with what I was seeing on my feeds.


I went through each person/group that I had followed on both accounts and made a purposeful endeavor to get rid of the accounts that no longer interested me. I will admit that it does take some time. In going through some accounts, I found that they were no longer posting. That made it easy to unfollow them.

Once I had gone through both accounts, I had deleted over 200 people/groups that I had been following on each account. My feeds are now filled with what I want to see.

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