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The idea of starting a blog is one that I’ve thought about for almost five years. The constraints of balancing work, with my family was a priority in my life. Now, my children are young men, and I have been teaching a little longer. All of this time, however, I have worked on organizing my teaching life, as well as my life at home. Organizing simplifies things for me in the long run.

As I begin this blog, my plan is to share organizing ideas, and tips to help you organize your teacher life. I am hopeful that you can get some inspiration, and ideas. I look forward to sharing the organizing of my teaching life with you.

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One thought on “Starting Out…

  1. Mr. Niederquell says:

    You have an audience. I (and all the others like me) must be the reason for your blogging. THANK YOU! Yup, I sure need help in the realm of organization and have always been wanting the crash course from the master. (If you've ever been in Laurel's classroom, you know that she is a master; everything has a place, and everything is in its place.) Thanks Laurel!

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