Using the Classic Happy Planner

The classic happy planner

The classic size Happy Planner is my main, go-to planner. I use it for planning out each day with everything that I need to keep track of. It also includes my to-do lists for each week.

There are three, vertical boxes, for each day, in the planner that  I chose to use this year. I use the top box for things that are happening that day, I use the middle box for things that I need to do, and the bottom box is used for additional items. In the pictures below, you will see that I implemented the bottom box for my word of the year, goals, and upcoming blog post plans.

You will also see that I have added embellishments to make my planner more visually appealing for me. I look at myself as a functional planner, but I have to admit that it’s fun to pretty it up.

**Since these are my personal planners, I have removed some personal information from the pictures.**


My 2017 Word for the year

I also wanted to showcase the word I chose, for 2017, in my planner. I adapted an idea that I saw on Instagram. In a word processing application, I added the word at the top in a script I liked. Underneath the word, I added the definition, a Bible verse that related to it, and pictures of my loved ones. I laminated it and added it to my planner. It will be a visual reminder each day.

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