Using the Mini Happy Planner

My search for the perfect planner had eluded me, until recently. I came across the Happy Planner online while I was looking for a new planner for 2017.

There is a large planning community. In looking online, I am amazed at the beauty that planners add to their everyday plans. While I am by no means that talented, I have infused a few things to make my planner pretty.

I opted to use three planners for this year. While it may seem like that’s too many, I am going through each one this week to explain how I will use it. Today, I am starting with the mini size.

The mini is the perfect size to fit into my purse and take with me. I use it to keep track of appointments, meetings, and to-dos while I am on the go. I add a few embellishments to make it pop.

When planning, I use three colors for each layout like someone would while decorating a room in their home. In my first spread, I used red, green, and light blue. I have done this in each of the layouts that I have done with positive results.

**Since these are my personal planners, I have removed some personal information from the pictures.**

The second week, I chose pink, mint green, and light blue for my layout. I use the space on the left to list appointments and the space on the right to list to-dos. I noticed this in some online layouts and liked the look of it.

Week three is just starting. I add a few items to get started. I will then continue to fill in and embellish as the week continues. For the third week, I have chosen pink, green, and light blue for the layout. I am excited to see how it turns out.

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