Washi Tape Storage


I’m always looking for new ways to organize the items in our home. My most recent reorganization project was the washi tape storage in my studio office.

In a previous post, I talked about pretty, organizational storage. My washi tape storage was one of the storage items that I spoke about in that post. I was using a Snapware container to house my tape.

That system has served me for over five years. The only drawback was that there were no dividers within each level. It was not a huge deal for me, though.

In putting together my planner shelves, I wanted something that would work with my new organizing system.

Based on a suggestion that I found online, I searched on Amazon and found a stackable organizer for glasses. It has three drawers, and each drawer has three compartments. The washi tape fits perfectly!

Even after I added all of my washi tape, I still had room to spare. I may have to expand my collection.

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