Word of the Year – 2017


A new year brings new opportunities. I’m not one to make new year’s resolutions. Instead, I sit down and make a list of items that I would accomplish during the year. For example, instead of saying that I am going to be more organized, I focus on the areas of our home that need organization and create a plan of attack.

Each year, I also choose a word that I focus on for the year. I’ve not blogged about it before, but I thought that this year was a good time to start sharing.

My word for last year was, simplify. Simplifying was something that I diligently worked toward throughout the course of the year. I looked at ways to simplify my life at both home and work.

At home, I went through each room of our house and purged items that were no longer of use. I rearranged my studio office and streamlined it to meet my needs. I sorted through our storage room, and we donated all of the home decor and items that we no longer use. It is easy to hang onto things with the idea of maybe using them later. It is freeing to let some of those items go.

At school, I purged the items in my classroom. If I was no longer using them, I gave them to someone that could. I also spent my summer planning for the school year which included preparing lessons, units, quizzes, and tests. It definitely helped me with getting the new school year up and going.

The word that I chose for this year was faith. Last year, brought its share of challenges. I need a daily reminder to have faith that things will work out.

The picture above is from my personal planner for 2017. I am a paper planner girl all the way. I will be sharing more about how I plan in an upcoming post.

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